MINIMATTY on Nov. 22, 2008

Well here it is, i finally did it made a comic that will acctually be finished, here it The Adventure Of MINIMATTY - Season 1.
Update Sceduele - Every Sunday and 20 to 23 pages per Season.
Big Big Thanks to Poke Alster who is assisting my comic he will be helping me with htmls and banners and covers and thumbnals and stuff like that, a realy big thanks for helping me with the cover and thumbnail and for pushing me to get me motivated to make this comic happen. Warning - This comic has Speech Bubbles that are so crap that Kevin would go mental and post comments on my comic till i chnage them but too bad i have all ready made Season 1 so i can not change it, Another Warning - Characters Based on real people with little info put into them from real life so if you don't know my friends then too bad.
For Upcomming Season 2 - I might want cameos so send them to me as soon as possible so i can use them please, send them by pm or e-mail
Another Another Warning - You will not see any Official Sonic Characters in this comic only refrences maybe and short scenes maybe so if you hate recolours and poor speech bubbles then go away but love action, comedy and a comic that will continue to update and surprise you then this is the place to be.
Another Another Another Warning - It has lots of mispeelings in this comic so ha. (With a capital H) anyway i hope you enjoy Season 1 of The Adventure Of MINIMATTY!!!!!!!