Volume 2 FInale - Page 19

darrell on Jan. 25, 2015

Important Schedule Update: I am currently drawing up what will be the final update (not a full page) which means all I have left is the lettering. So that means I will be increasing the updates to 3 times per week. Starting next week you can expect updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'll refrain from saying exactly how many pages are left. So make sure to come back often starting next week.
Locoma - Regarding Frank, keep dreaming. ;) Yep, despite all Best Man's talk he really didn't realize what it would mean to take someone's life.
ghostrunner - Yep, plans are great until things fall apart.
shastab24 - Never say never I suppose.
tupapayon - Thanks! I have a few pages to go but the book will be coming to an end shortly. But I appreciate you checking it out.
Peipei - There may be some butts kicked before we close things out.