Volume 2 Finale - Page 10

darrell on Sept. 21, 2014

This page made me really think I needed to do something about the backgrounds. Best Man and his energy gets a little lost and Victoria doesn't really stand out as she's flying in. But other than that, the page is what it is. :)
Still waiting for news on my last convention of the year, Ottawa Pop Expo. It's a smaller con and doesn't have much comic stuff but it's good for shopping.
Locoma - I originally had more plans for Master Mummy but when I decided to bring the comic to an end those plans got thrown out the window. I think you may be mistaking Professor Young for one of the other scientists, I'm not sure why he wouldn't be fine.
Peipei - Solid advice.
ghostrunner - Crap is continuing to hit the fan, isn't it. :)