Randomness -- Page 5

darrell on May 16, 2012

My buffer of pages is definitely dwindling. I really need to get drawing. I also need to get over this cold.
Ottawa Comiccon was pretty great. There were some areas I think could be improved for next year (there was some space that didn't seem to be used effectively and I think artist alley needed a bump) but I still had a great time and spent way more money than I expected to (such as the Neal Adams art book with sketch and collection of Elephantmen TPBs with sketches by Richard Starkings in each). I'm already looking forward to next year (after this year's Fan Expo Canada mind you).
Peipei - Looks like someone is taking him seriously though.
shastab24 - I didn't think Ottawa would get a full comic convention so I was surprised by this one. I was also surprised by the turn out, I've been hearing it was around 24,000 people.
ghostrunner - Perhaps he should go by “Captain Tightpants”.