Chemistry Homework

CanadianMarmot on June 2, 2006

Not very comic like i guess. Overall this is the birthchild of boredom and sharp objects. While playing oblivion Ryan raids the pile of papers and finds an old chemisrty assignment I (Alex) did. So im gonna translate this jumble of satanic nonsence for you. 1. Ryans character with a chainsaw defeating the “B minus demon” 2. The Master Sword (from LoZ)and a nuclear explosion hitting the table of data. 3. Ryan decided to give the data table a face. A screaming painful face. 4. Kira (character who will be showing up more often most likley. Basically a pyro kineticist) burning the table with a fire blast. Woo Kira! 5.The knife wound i inflicted to the paper upon removal of the sharp object from The Ryan's posession. And of course him stating that i missed the data table. 6. A kidnapper with an eyepatch and a fancy hat. holding a child presumably (looks like a pupet…) 7. Stick people doing the can-can. Need i say more? 8. Pac man with arms eating ghosts (“GET THE FRUIT!!!!!” chant that at anyone playing pac-man) 9. Some random chemistry work (*audible gasp!* I did something considered work o.o)

P.S. From now on might not be updates monday, too much work. One thing though. If you noticed this “comic” isnt very fancy looking. If i can do more comics like this (I plan on coloring them with other varius mediums first though and making the text legible while whiting out the old text as well)then it would be much eaiser to get comics out there. In truth coloring them on the PC doesnt really have much of an effect other thaan color so the quality of the comics shouldnt change. Please leave a comment saying if you would be completley or mildly oposed to the non PC comics (like this one) or dont mind it at all. If future comics are computerized (not like this one) then updates only fridays. The only other problem would be getting them written (although i doubt it will be much trouble) Once again Thank you for your comments and patience.

~The Canadian Marmot