90. Concert

antcomics on Dec. 27, 2011

The big Nine-oh!

yeah. 10 till the big 1-0-0. Howzabout that eh? And what a long strange
trip it's been so far. But they aren't even halfway done yet!

notes were actually copied from actual Chopin, Mozart, Brahms and
Mendelssohn piano pieces. I just copied a few from each so those of you
who know how to read notes: Yes. It will probably make no sense and if
you tried to play it would sound pretty freakin weird. But as mentioned
numerous times before, I am no note reader. It may as well be Chinese. I
just copied some cool looking notes from a Chopin Mazurka and some
other stuff by the other guys. Even copying them was a challenge for me,
let me tellya.

Anyway. Crowds of people are always fun to draw
for me. I just make up the people as I go along. It's neat 'cause you
can draw all kinds of different looking people.
of course, Connie, while being a total appreciator of the music is also
an appreciator of getting some money to help with gas and other stuff
on the way home. I have a feeling that tip jar will be full by the end
of the night.