Issue 01purple - Page 15

JustNoPoint on July 28, 2015

The top panel took me FOREVER!I almost didn't think I'd finish the page in time. So much was put into that top panel I hope it looks good!Prologue readers should remember these two! Devon Legacy's own Mulder and Scully. BTW, YES I'm super excited for the new X-Files! Mote and Tresha finally return to the comics. You may remember they said they'd be headed to ground zero. For those that didn't read Prologue ground zero is where the final confrontation between the good aliens (Cyro Grands) and the bad aliens (Predator Grands) took place.There was a huge explosion here. It was also right in front of the alien base. Which was lifted out of the ground by the Predators. The crater is partly from the explosion. And the water in the BG from the ocean is where the base was. It flooded in.