Issue 01red - Page 08

JustNoPoint on Jan. 22, 2015

On this page I tried a different shading/coloring method but didn't care for it much. Went back to normal after this one.
I guess I'm going to go ahead and do 2 updates a week till I start getting too close to my buffer end! 
Vickie: Be careful and have fun on your trip! This page will be another Deja Vu for you but I did tweak one of the characters from the last version. Next page will be all new never seen yet! Some of that “tweaking the flashback” for my new story direction haha!
tupapayon: Ugh. I really apologize for leaving you hanging for so long! I only hope I can make it worth the wait. I'll try to not vanish again. At the least give a page a week but I hope to get closer to what I was doing back in Prologue days with activity.
Thank you for sticking around and commenting!