Issue 01red - Page 27

JustNoPoint on March 31, 2015

To start I want to reply back to 2 comments I didn't see in time to reply to from last update.
Whirlwynd: Making the conversational natural wasn't difficult. I'm glad you feel it worked! The big chore was converting it to TEXTing type format LOL
I had never had to think of “how would this character communicate in text?”

Szyszka666: Thanks a lot! I'm glad the page worked for you!

Rick seems to be a little exhausted but other than that he seems very cheerful this morning even though he has to go somewhere he hates!
So here we are at the train station.
And with that we are finally to the cameo pages!
In the crowd on this page you will find
Celes from Parasite Galaxy
Matthew the ninja from I-Ninja
Clarissa from Planet Chaser
Katherine and Caitlin Ramos from Twenty Four Seven
Jayden from Birchwood High
Mei from Cursed
Jamie from Jamie Jupiter