Issue 00 - Page 08

JustNoPoint on July 12, 2013

They look like– green booger things?!

I went back and changed Sona's hair. Now she won't be a 40 year old with 16 year old hair =p
guest cameos include
Brielle from Due East
Samantha Smith from Zach Mann and S.D.™
Diosa from The Mirror of Souls
Vickie: Yeah, that might happen every once in a while :P
MIB: Thanks
Jamie: Since they don't know much about him it's possible. But I figure Elsa would have known if it was absorbing large of amounts of energy near by. Maybe it has to do with whatever is on that hologlobe?!
PeiPei: That's a distinct possibility!
Szyszka666: Thanks! I hope you get to see a lot more cool stuff!