Ch 10, Page 27, Cammy Burns Out

Speedball on May 25, 2010

UPDATE: Okay, need to rest for 24 more hours before I can even begin to work on this comic…next new comic will probably be up Saturday. I apologize, folks. Also, I changed Goro's line in Panel 4; my little homage to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” I like how most of you came up with creative explanations for my little research mistake regarding the flammability of rubbing alcohol; thank you. That's the mark of truly loving fans. I guess I can always claim “Dramatic License.”

OLD POST: Okay, early version up, I'm _almost_ done with the colors for the previous page…you can see it in progress there… and yow, Cammy without the hat looks way too much like Goro, especially without color. I need to diversify my facial structures…like that guy who draws “Fans!”

Oh, a “So Bad It's Horrible” entry on TV Tropes? Yikes… well, can't please everyone, I guess.