Useless prologue page

Eskine on Aug. 26, 2008

A comic I made a long time ago, but since then my artwork has gotten a bit better. The original name was just dragon dawning.

Try to read the authors notes as much as possible because I might
put important info on them.

Up at the top you will see three common symbols used in The Dragon dawning. The sun symbol on the left is the dark arts symbol.
The dark arts is practically just like the usual magic, except it slowly takes over you depending on how much you use it. For instance, if you used it once every two weeks you'll probably die
before it shows any signs of consuming you.
The crown symbol in the middle is Eskine's symbol which is both my username and the guy down at the bottom.
That weird symbol on the right is the forgotten force symbol.
The Forgotten Force is just two guys and a bunch of soulless gouls.
Everyone on this is from the forgotten force except for eskine.