The Relatively Magnificent Escapades of The Blue Kotatsu

GGMoonyCrisco on Feb. 27, 2006


Well gang, I've finally got my crap together, experimented on Photoshop, and found a method of coloring that takes about a third of the time of my old method. I experimented with it on this page, but now I have the hang of it, so expect cleaner, smoother-looking future updates. But hey, faster coloring times… know what that means? Besides the return of my silly little chibi comic, it means…

1. Faster updates.

2. REGULAR updates (OMFG.)

That's right. I now solemnly promise to uphold a weekly update schedule, right now mostly likely on Tuesday or Wednesday as my schedule is.

In any case, if you're an old reader, thanks for coming back and checking in again and stay tuned, as I promise I'll work harder now. :D If you're a new reader, HI. I hope you'll enjoy my ridiculous little chibi comic and hang around for some new updates.

I'll have my layout and other pages back up to normal soon, right now I'm focusing on getting the comic back up to where I was. Please forgive the old art– I'm aware it is atrocious and I HAVE improved. Um… it's still chibi though, so if you don't like that, you'll just have to deal.