1 Slippers

Tetris_Turtle on Sept. 21, 2007

Panda bears hold meetings to discuss the effect of lack of pirates in the atmosphere is having on the planet especially when global warming is such a large threat. It is therefore been decided that all pirate hunters/anti-pirate parties will be consumed in the firey pitts of Mt. Doom. I would like to point out that bamboo and cheese was my mother's favourite dish, and she is with me wherever I go, in my heart, in my soul and in my pocket. If you have seen or heard from my mother please contact the below address as it is vital I get her back and apologise for letting her fall out of my pocket.

22 Bamboo Road

Yours sincerely, faithfully, Happily Motherless and Empty Pocketed,
Mr. Twinnings

PS I need to hire a better scribe.
Because I am an arse.