Subcultura Awards 2017

Avart on Dec. 23, 2017

In the last art, I've mentioned that Subcultura, a webcomic hosting page in Spanish is about to close definetely on January 31th.

Even so, the Subcultura Awards 2017 were celebrated and Gloom was nominated in two categories: Best drawing and Best new comic.

I didn't win either of the two, but I could achieve the 2nd place in the Best new comic category (although it was a tie with other two comics).

I'm very happy because this is my first comic since I stopped drawing in 2000 and start over in 2016, it has been difficult to recover my skills but thanks to you, dear friends and colleagues this is possible.

I dedicate this achievement to all of you :D

P.S. Hope that the DD Awards will be held soon!