Art Trade: 'Hitomi' by NEO and 'Backpacker' by Avart

Avart on Oct. 12, 2017

Hello dear colleagues!

I'm publishing ‘the Gloom’ in a similar page as DD, in spanish (my native language) and I entered in an ‘Art Trade’ in which my friend NEO (no Matrix related XD) asked for a few arts and he will send a trade in response, all related to his comic called Art VS, an interesting story about super humans with incredible elemental powers.

I asked him to draw Hitomi in his style and this is the result. Note that he turn the bruises into blood, which I love it. Many of you thought that it was blood instead of bruises, so I think it's cool to see this.

I participated with an art involving one of the villain, a guy using a rabbit (or hare, maybe) mask. This guys uses masks for unknown reasons, at least for now. The guy is called 'Mochilero' which near translation is ‘Backpacker’. He controls five iron balls, at fast speeds it's a lethal weapon.

Well, I hope you like it (both arts :D)