Epilogue 5

KimLuster on Nov. 9, 2017

Last page of Epilogue. It was an experiment in working in illustrated novel format. Got mixed feelings about the format: love it on some ways, hate it others… Still deciding for my next project!

Speaking of next project. My goal is to kick it off some time after the DD Awards finish (but who knows when that'll be lol). FYI, this next project might not necessarily be a direct sequel to the Godstrain, but there'll be… connections, however tenuous!! Kinda neat thing about the Godstrain story - just about any other story can fit with it.

That includes you guys! If someone wants to make a connection to my universe (official or otherwise) in their stories, I'd love to see it!!

(if you wanna see ideas I'm sifting through for the next project, go check out my recent Godstrain Extras pages (there's a link over there on the left ;))

Thanks so much Everyone!!