Page 395

KimLuster on July 21, 2017

Last page! After everything Kimber Lee's been through, I feel just fine with this slightly twee ending! Leaving it open about Kimber Lee and Emilio's future (although we know where his heart is..) - Little drama (although Emilio's probably made it awkward if he decides to stay with Mari Pas)!!

I gave some thought on the song Emilio would sing here. Knew it should be sorta dream-themed. Thought about Heart's ‘These Dreams’, Queensreich's ‘Silent Lucidity’… Finally settle on Elvis Presley's ‘If I can dream’. If you wanna hear (and see) it Click Here - I imagine Emilio's version is a little more Rock, less horn-section!! I kinda had to go with this song because… My man does Elvis impersonations here and there, and I'm a pretty big E.P. fan!!

Thanks so much, everyone, for a wonderful trip!! There was a couple times I felt a little bit of burnout but your continued support always made it just go away. Glad too, cuz it's a story I really wanted to tell. There's a few personal elements here and it's been quite cathartic. Also, some philosophical themes I've pondered on, but also just a lot of sci-fi, superheroic, slam-bam romping!! It's been thoughtful, dark, and fun - pretty much has touched on all the ranges of human emotion for me!!

But, everything does end, one way or another! I'll probably do a 2 or 3 page epilogue at some point, perhaps throwing some hints about a new project I'm formulating and hope sees the light of day! Also will include some DD Awards pages should I be honored with some!!

I'll maintain a presence here on DD. Will continue to read and support my faves! Like you have for me!! Thank you all, once more!! When you dream, dream big!! Let's close with a quote, by a Native American Chief from the movie Grey Owl:

“A man becomes what he dreams - you dreamed well.”