Page 383

KimLuster on May 27, 2017

I don't know about you but I think Kimber Lee has earned a few days.

Pissin' off the Brass - way to go girl (Well… maybe not the smartest thing ;))

Got a couple cameos on this page: one should be obvious, the other, not so much… but feel free to guess!

I feel strongly that I will complete this comic by the end of July (maybe by the end of June). before the 2017 DD Awards judging starts, so when you vote for nominations, consider nominating The Godstrain for Best Completed!!

Tying up the loose ends - next page should post Thur June 1. I usually post every 5 days but come July I may post a bit more frequently to get them all in by Judging time (there's 12 pages left, so I should be alright)!

Thanks for Reading Everyone!!