Hacked Intros(Part 3)

YellowKirby on April 4, 2009

Another thing about Clover, she often forgets if she sends someone on a job and often gets abused by both Pokemon. Also, don't ask why Iron Man in in the air, because I have no clue.

Sprout(Ivysaur) is a tough cookie and was once a prince of an unknown Grass-Pokemon kingdom. She treats most Pokemon roughly except for kid Pokemon and Clover(the latter whom he has a crush on.)

Pearls(Misdreavus) almost always never smiles, but when she does, someone always has to take a picture of it. She then proceeds to have Russel burn it.

Iron Man(Registeel) is the more mature of the three Regis and when he does things no other Pokemon can do and is asked about it, he often replies, “Because I am IRON MAN!”