08-10-09 Stupid Vision

CartoonistWill on Aug. 9, 2009

Yay for copy and paste!

Awwww… Now he has to get a new TV set…

SuperMilo is not just going to be a comic strip, it's also a “comic story” or a comic book series that utilizes full pages and issues to tell an ongoing or self-contained full stories. Hmm, not sure how that will work here on Drunk Duck since it asked me to choose either or and not both. Anyway… This, along with the fact I'm doing other webcomics, commissions, and animations simultaneously, means that I can't update every single day, and since SuperMilo will eventually have issues with these strips collected in the back (SuperMilo is a to-be-published work), there's no need to do a comic strip every day. The comic strip is a nice idea until I can get out the full issues and a nice extra to include after the main story in those issues. So don't be surprised if I miss days, but hopefully that won't happen. :-) I'll also be posting the full issue stories online here, there, and elsewhere, at least for the foreseeable future.