Specials - Andromeda - Page 40

dedasaur on Feb. 21, 2013

According to polls the next specials will appear in this order:
- How to steal a Ship
- The Librarian
- Circes
- Murder in Bologna
- How durians arrived in Italy
- Badia
The current special. “Andromeda” will be 45 pages in length, like an actual chapter from the original series.
requested : 
- How callista copes with not being married
- more children stories
On the wishlist side I am still trying to find time to finish the following requests:
1) Pirate wife's illustrations
2) The Flower and the Nose Illustrations
3) Draw requested illustrations: steampunk, character as disney characters, characters as animals, gender bender - suggestion would be appreciated - character as badass pirates, Lio and Foxy on the crow's nest, space pirates.
4) Create the original artwork for the winner of the third year anniversary contest.
Did I forget anything or anyone?