Issue 1 Page 1

Giandroid on Jan. 19, 2007

Hello there! I'm not exactly sure if I can spill the beans yet, but I will do so anyway.

Platinum Studios, the fine chaps that bought Drunk Duck, is working with me with an online comic book project. That is the Political Spectrum Ninja Association comic book. Every week or so (and it WILL be every week or so, becuase now I kind of HAVE to…), I will put up a new page for the Political Spectrum Ninja Association comic book! This is not like the one-shot epics as seen before, this explains how the Political Spectrum started up, the back story, if you will. I think you will find it will be quite an interesting read.

So enjoy, my friends!

(Oh, and intermittently, I will make traditional Divisible by Zero comics, so don't think I'm giving up yet!)