lostie815 on Nov. 11, 2012

My favorite is Chara in the third panel. There's a reason her and Enel get along. There are a few milestones in this page. We see Berlyne and Chara's mother for the first time. She sells flowers at the capital and the Alvarados help her out with her business (like Berlyne selling yellow roses on page 3x01) She and Joe are divorced, which is why he is moping on the porch. This is the first time there is a shirtless character in the comic  (Congratulations, Apen) (And may there be many more). This is also the first time we see people sharing a meal. It's made me a little sad that The Silver Eye hasn't had a meal scene yet, that's where most of the bonding and conversations happen in real life, and stories feel empty when authors skip over meal scenes, which is something I'm guilty of. Also, bonus trivia: Berlyne is in every panel of this page. What a creeper.