noroone on Aug. 30, 2008

WARNING: This is a GL webcomic O:

Well, this page is intended to be both the introduction to the project as well as a sample of my new art style, and also the introduction of Lucy, who will be interpreting the role of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I decided to call her Lucy because in the original Tale of the Rose story from the book, the heroine is nameless, and I'm not very fond of the Disney character.

Just one thing for those who have either read the story or kind of imagine what the plot twist will be, please do not spoil it for the people that don't know or can't imagine the ending :3

So, the pages will start coming in next week. You can blame my best friend Gale-chan for that, since she still has my book, and I kind of need it to start the comic. :3 Lots of love, Galey.

Sooo, um, enjoy the art and stick around if you're interested :3