Assassin 31

trevoramueller on Aug. 1, 2010

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The old man narrator finishes his story, but who has he been talking to all this time? We'll find out before this story's finished!

Also, my first all-ages story is being published (and is available at your local comic store, if you ask them nicely) in the Reading with Pictures anthology. The 8-page story is called “Albert the Alien is New in School,” and it's about a foreign exchange student from another planet. There's going to be a big signing at Challengers this weekend, and then the big release party at Chicago Comic Con later this month.

Want a signed copy? Pre-orders went out with signatures from many of the award-winning creators (including myself), but if you buy a copy and meet me at a convention I will sign it for no additional fee. Because only jerks charge for signatures. ;)

Be sure to check it out, and check out my website on August 4 when the book comes out for the big announcement.