Caleb 10

blaaayk on June 18, 2009

Well, I uploaded a filler, but amazingly found the time at that exact moment to create this.
It's extremely long, has very little violence, and Caleb actually talks!
I got 40 views the other day, I know that's not many compared to other people, but it makes me feel special.
Also, to whoever commented saying those nice things, Hi. You are super great. I love comments. They let me know that I actually have a fan or two. Anonymous person, if you are reading this, this page is dedicated to you, because your comment inspired me to post.

Wow, I totally ranted.

Reasons why it has been so long since I updated, for everyone who cares:
1. I am in a play of Shakespeare's “Twelfth Night” playing Sebastian. I have had rehearsals till dark every night this week.
2. I am in a play for Drama based on Beauty and the Beast, playing Lumiere, and I cannot do a french accent…
3. I have to write a speech, which I am supposed to perform in a week, for an assessment.
4. Nobody was reading this comic so I felt sad and couldn't be bothered posting.

Reasons why I managed to update today:
1. That comment from the anonymous person.
2. I discovered coffee!

This was an incredibly long “Authors Notes” section thing.
Sorry if anyone read it expecting something insightful.

Leave a comment so I feel good and make more pages.
Yes, I am that shallow. xD