--T.W-Prologue 1A--

Kaiverta on July 18, 2007


Fiiiiiiiinally finished with the revamping of that stupid page one of The Warehouse. I turned it into a four-page prologue with ‘1A, 1B’ instead of ‘1, 2’ for the page numbers because, were I to change them to pages 1, 2, 3, and 4, I'd have to change the seventeen OTHER manga pages that I've got… Needless to say, I figured this was easier. >>;;; And less time-consuming.

I revamped it because I just hated the way page one looked. It'll remain in my gallery for all to see and compare, but this prologue is going to be the introduction to my manga and into page TWO of my manga, from now on. Yep. o:

So, enjoy. > > I hope!