BFF Satan

ifelldownthestairs on Aug. 13, 2009

Okay, Harkovast here!
As I indicated in the review, Kevin's computer just chose death before dishonour and killed itself!
I wont tell you what Kevin does to make a computer feel dishonoured!

All the layout and design of The Webcomic Review Comic (on the Web) was on his computer so I had to basically remake this myself!
Fortunately we had already discussed BFF Satan so I could put this together myself (with Little Kev representing my absent friend.)

If you want to check out BFF Satan, go here-

(That should hopefully link to one of my favourites!)

I cant guarantee that the next review will be up on time, as I dont want to make one without Kevin….

Anybody else wants to volunteer?

If you want to do a temporary assist on the Webcomic review comic (on the web) then let me know! You will need to draw your own avatar and be prepared to argue with me about the comic Putrid Meat!
Serious applicants only please (and your assistance may not be needed if my main man Kev should come back online.) But any offers of help would be greatly appreciated!
So if you want some web comic reviewing fame, LET ME KNOW!