And thus we begin

Dreamweaver on March 22, 2010

Welcome to the sword and me the relaunch/remix of the lost boys of hometown I plan to take the mistakes I made in the past and not make them again. Right now I have 6 more pages done but I will only upload one a day to make sure people actually read them this time. So expect a new page everyday my friends and when there are no more pages their won't be an update until a pack of 7 comics is complete so little to no fillers this time you'll have to be patience but trust me the wait will be worth it. Here is the roster of the first 8 characters in random order so you don't know who is going to be revealed as you can see Cream and tails are not returning who is taking over their roles will be revealed in time.

P.S. Welcome back those that did the Comment wars it's up to you guys we can continue on or like the comic it's self restart the comment wars and see where it takes us.