Monsters - Pg. 1

Abt_Nihil on June 7, 2009

This is the first of three pages of a short story I wrote and drew in February for the fourth volume of German indie comics anthology JAZAM!. It's being released these days, so I can finally share these pages with you.

Hopefully, Thrones & Dominions will become an ongoing series. I've been planning to work on it for a few years, and the anthology thing finally gave me a good reason to do so. You may recognize this character from one of my ancient comics… but for those who don't: there's no reason to go back and actually read it. This comic is supposed to stand on its own.

Updates are going to be weekly - for now.


mind_reader: Thanks a lot! Glad you're digging it :-)

DAJB: Hope I can deliver! Thanks!

Midge: Thanks! Didn't wanna spoil the surprise… the book should still have “fresh” content, not something which has been circulating on the web for months :-)

JNP: Oh, if you knew! Countless sisters, one prettier than the next! It's true! But you don't really wanna get to know them… *cough cough* uh… can't give anything away…

Fitz: LOL - Who came up with the law that you need to be in love with your main character? I for one try to not get mixed up too much in my own fantasy worlds… at least not in a romantic sense :3 Oh, and there'll be someone prettier in this book… the love interest no story can do without these days.