#1 - The VRC

Twin on Feb. 25, 2006

Look, I'm making another comic! This time it's a story. (I'll only be using my Spritely sprites for a few strips before the plot kicks in proper.)

The concept of Virtual Reality has always fascinated me. Not the technical aspect, but the idea of being able to explore the gameworlds. I've been playing videogames since I was 6 years old, and they've always been my fondest passion; so the possibility of being able to explore Hyrule in reality gives me the biggest rush.
That's just one of the aspects of VR that excite me, of course. The other main one would probably be actually being able to talk to the characters that I played as for so many years. Everyone from the NPC's to the big heroes like Link and Mario would play a part…giving me the sense of total immersion and essentially making it reality.

That explains the title of the strip, huh? Good.

Enjoy the comic.