TruthFullyDishonest Cover

TwilightPrincess90 on June 2, 2007

Hello, and welcome to Truthfully Dishonest. This is a second attempt, a rebirth if you will, or rather me trying to start this comic again on the right foot. With the proper mindset, and a couple of erasers I'm sure I can pull this off..maybe…hopefully.

Well, this is the cover, introducing the first and main character, Vincent Tieve', a 17 year old with his share of teenage problems, not to mention the whole, having to work in Hell too. This story is about him, trying to find his place, find himself, in all this nonsense that has become his life. It's not easy when Lucifer likes to have his perverted ways with him and demands chocolate at odd hours in the morning. Read left to right and all that nonsense, not to be coloured and yet to be toned, hope you enjoy.