without world

rovingjack on Aug. 12, 2010

I am sorry. I have had a horrible year as far as hurdles in my life go. Too many thing have tripped me up, but I will make an effort to get back to telling this story again.

It needs to be told and I need to take joy in the telling, and in the creating of it.

I don't plan to move house, have anybody move in with me, watch freinds have mental breakdowns, have my life taken out of my hands by others or have my health of possessions damaged in any way.

Course I never planned for any of that this last year either but this time I'm standing my ground for what I have and what life I want to live, and part of that is living my creative artist life in an artistic creative way and have the rest added in if I want. NOT have my life a chaotic mess of other peoples stuff and expectations and maybe add a little art and creativity in.

My life, my decision.