Ch 24: Polemic

dragonsong12 on July 28, 2014

This chapter is chock full of giant glowy-eyed floating heads.

In all seriousness though, this chapter's going to contain a lot of set-up, so as we go along it may seem rather…slow. I hesitate to say it'll be boring, because I don't think it will be when everything's done and in its place in the story, but this chapter is mostly setting up new characters and a new location and basically just putting the pieces into place for the last few chapters, so on a week-to-week basis it's not going to seem like too much of note is happening.
Stick with me through this one is what I'm saying, and sorry if it's a but dull in the meantime. :)

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

((I just noticed that on my profile it says that this comic hasn't updated since May 19th. The pages after that point are all there, so I'm not sure what's up with that. I'm going to look into it when I get a chance, until then ignore it.))