#9 - cover by KimLuster!

Banes on June 28, 2013

I prevailed upon the very talented artist KimLuster to do a cover for this issue and just a couple short days later, this beauty arrived!

Many thanks to KimLuster…this is AWESOME!!

Speakinawhich, do check out
KimLuster's THE GODSTRAIN here on the Duck!

It's got compelling visuals, constant updates, and is a fascinating story about a woman who develops dreamlike powers…well, at least while in her lucid dreaming state she does…

…There are more questions than answers so far, but it's well worth checking out!

So read THE GODSTRAIN by KimLuster!

As for this comic, I'm back in the saddle of that comic-making horse and working on pages. Should be one up in a day or two!