Chapter 1, Page 6 : On The Nature of Hobos

unhappystar on Oct. 7, 2007

My thought balloons look like bubbling pools of acid and not thoughts. Maybe they're hunger thoughts.

I feel really bad, because this page is actually pretty shitty. I had some problems during inking because I wanted to try out something new. As you can see, it didn't really help.

Also, I'm starting up a comic that I'll be updating along with Unhappy Star. Doing Unhappy Star is very fun, but I feel like I'm driving myself stupid with it. I keep getting the urge to do a comic with a storyline, and I think that's adversely affecting Unhappy Star, because I never really wanted Unhappy Star to be very coherent.

Now, Unhappy Star is not going to be ending. I'll just be updating a little bit less often than almost every day. Maybe about three times a week, as well as updating the other comic.

The new comic, Pangaea, will not be very humorous and will actually be sort of a dark comic. If that's something you think you'll like, then keep a watch on this page: