Unlimited Evil Issue #1 Page 27 (Part 3): EEP!

darth_paul on Jan. 19, 2011

This is the end of issue #1, and as you can see Fireworks' gets all better and is able to send out a message, but not before some new villains enter the scene via a strange portal in the sky! These guys are the Evil Society of Villains, the arch foes of my main protagonists, the Super-Mutant Nine, as hinted at in my bio for Capt. Arrowskull in my Coolstar Comics Master Files pages. That is indeed the captain himself at the helm of his ship, “The Terminator” appearing within the portal. With him are three other members of the ESV - The Elf Queen, an alien elf woman with a magical ring; Timestream, who as his name suggests is another time-traveling villain. (He also has a connection to the Guardian Watcher, but more on that later); and Microchip, another Zorg like GIF, yet obviously an evil one. (Micro isn't partnered with any of these villains shown, as he's the Zorg of the leader of the ESV who isn't pictured yet, but will make an appearance by my next update.)