KO_Okami on Dec. 28, 2012

This is the end of Chapter 21, but! There's a twist!!  Before I can proceed you must vote!
I have planned multiple ways for this to turn out, so for fun, and a little more interaction, I am letting you guys choose.
Pretend you are the Board of Education facing this situation, you must decide which is best for the school and its students!  Send Kira away? Or lose other students?
Vote on this poll here, at my website: http://ko-mangaseries.com/wacot_poll_1.html
(It runs on Java, so if the site asks you to allow content, that might be what it is blocking.  However, if Java still doesn't work on your computer please Vote on the comments below.
Here are the options:
1)Send Kira to another school.
2)Allow Kira to stay at Sakio, but don't allow her to play on the team.
3)Allow Kira to play on the team, but at the risk of losing other students and/or funding.
I am looking forward to your votes!  Since it is almost the end of December I am going to let the vote run until January 7th (when I start the spring semester).  Vote now! :D