Walrus on April 16, 2012

Dark Pascual: No worries, I just couldn't figure out what was going on. Just try to get everything together. In the meantime, I'll upload some teasers. 
KademonsterX: I honestly don't think any of TNA's major acquisitions have helped them out in the long run. Sure Angle, Sting and Hogan garnered some attention at the begining, but TNA hasn't pulled up their ratings since their move to Spike. Their ratings have been fairly stagnant their entire run, but they still manage to be the top rated show on the network. At this point I think TNA just needs to exist to be that alternative to WWE. They'll never be able to compete, and I really wish people would stop debating otherwise. Unless TNA really turns around their direction like Carter has recently come out and said, I honestly don't think they'll be pulling any huge numbers anytime soon.