Chapter 1, page. 46

Bii0 on Nov. 2, 2012

Hi guys, sorry the the late update again, this one landed on Halloween and a couple days before my training.  I've seriously been trying to post this since Friday, but once I got home I was just too exhausted, I'm so tired right now my eyes/head huuurt (But I really want to stay up right now to get stuff done).  Again, I'm really sorry!

As if Julian hasn't heard THAT line before, sorry Matthew, if you want to scare him you'll have to come up with something other than a death threat.  Threaten him with cookies, it'll be more effective!

When I was drawing up the previous page, I had to look at my older pages to see what Matthew's bag looked like, because I'm a dumbass with a horrible memory.  I didn't realize how different everything looked, everyone has freaken horse faces, and kinda the same face.  That's weird because I could have sworn I've been drawing the characters as they look now the whole time, it's weird how things work like that. ._.

Sorry if my spelling/grammar is terrible, I can't comprehend much right now.