Chapter 1, page. 54

Bii0 on Nov. 21, 2012

Awwwwyeeeah, another late update! Sorry guys, I'm not feeling to well, I think I have a head-cold of sorts.  Also stuff has been happening! Apparently my mom got scammed out of A LOT of money and has a certain amount of time to pay it back, I thought “Oh hey! I could do commissions!”, but then I remembered that the last time I had a money emergency and offered commissions I didn't get ANY hits. xD  Which was really depressing, but I can understand, I certainly wouldn't pay more than 5-10 bucks for even the best of my fugly drawings (I guess being a social butterfly helps too…).
So I guess I'm just going to sit in my room and be totally useless like I always am, maybe some magical force will reveal that I actually will be paid more than 10$ a month, and I'll suddenly have more than 50$ in my account. xD

Anyways! A couple things! I do know that if you do have bills when you go to jail, that won't stop them from having to be paid, if you go to jail you better be sure you have connections that'll pay them for you or everything you have will be totally gone when you get out (Or so I've read).  Also, I've heard ‘children’s home' and ‘children’s facility' used in place of the word ‘orphanage’, but I though ‘children’s facility' seemed the most ridiculous since it seems more legitimate with things like the YMCA children's groups/clubs and stuff.
Oh poor Matthew, nothing ever goes just your way, does it.  Here you were hoping your threats would make Julian scared out of his mind, but it seems he doesn't give a shit, and is totally messing with you.  Maybe you should just sue him, he couldn't afford a good enough attorney to defend himself with anyway.

WOW! This is a long message, sorry guys!  I also apologize about the… Ugly of this page, I've been having weird problems with drawing lately, and I'm sure it's a little confusing with Julians dialogue (it'll be explained… with my amazuzing storytelling skillz).