Chapter 1, page. 63 - End of chapter

Bii0 on Feb. 21, 2013

DOUBLE UPDATE! START FROM THE PREVIOUS PAGE. (If that's where you left off of course…)

I AM SOOO SORRY FOR THE HORRIBLY LATE UPDATE GUYS! The day before I finished the previous page my computer decided not to work anymore, I went and got it checked and apparently the motherboard? died and it was going to be veeery expensive to fix it seeing as it was a laptop from 2005, so my dad was nice enough to get me a new computer and a desktop at that! Though it didn't come with a screen so I'm using a small flat screen tv (the screen size is otherworldly).

I'm REAALLY REALLY sorry for the quality of these pages, I am not used to this new screen at all, and it doesn't really help that it makes everything look a whee bit fatter so I keep thinking somethings wrong with my scans. :\
ANYWAYS I finally finished the chapter, on the 13th I'll be heading off to basic/bootcamp and tech. training, but I'll try to let you guys know when the day comes around. I've been doing thumbnails, and writing out the basic layout for the next chapter, but I won't be posting or working on the pages until I get back. What do you guys think I should work on to better the next chapter? Like do I need to work on my pacing? What about my art? I want to hear/read your guys' opinions!
Also, I was thinking about making a tumblr for future comic updates and comic related/miscellaneous art, do you guys think it's a good idea?

EDIT!: Lol apparently the file didn't load. SORRY! D: