Chapter 2, page. 18

Bii0 on May 18, 2014

Aw geez guys! I'm so sorry, life has not only been hectic, it's been totally shitty. Over the week I took on some training days at work for some extra scratch, which lasted from 6am to 3:30pm, didn't have any energy to do anything at the end of the day since I had to get up at 4am to get there in time. Also I had a bit of a break down, had this huge fight with my mom yesterday where she literally said “fuck you” and “you treat me exactly like -insert abusive husbands name-”, just because she made me feel stupid for asking if she was alright that morning. Right after that I left for check out this job I was calling every day about and apparently all the positions were filled and they didn't even check the online applications (which mine was one of them), I was absolutely distraught, not just because I really wanted that job but I was just fed up with with my 2 years worth of fruitless job hunting.

But at least that helped me get my work done, since mom (I thought) was giving me the silent treatment and wasn't taking time away from working on this.

ANYWAYS! Sorry about the quality of this page, I was really shaky when I was inking it, and it got kind of messy. Also, if you guys want to see the pic again, you can look on my art tumblr.