MayelV on May 6, 2012

Behemoth is such a scaredy cat… umbrella… thing. Well, I'd be scared too if I saw a face like that.
Oh, José is about to realize something. And he's not going to like it. What do you think?
On a side note, what José says only proves that he's been taking souls from outlaws and lying about them having a heart attack. Cliff obviously believes that because remember he has good luck. But, he gets bored if he doesn't get a good fight.
Thanks for reading!
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@Mr Kaos: Hahaha okay, just a bit creepier.
@man in black : Thanks my dear man in black :]
@dragonestea: Yay! I has a cookie!! *noms* I didn't know about that movie. I have to see for myself if it really is the worst!! Did you watch it?
@KingZombie999:Hahahaha! Nope! Not a single one! ;D