MayelV on July 21, 2012

Yeah Arthur. Now that you're feeling bad ignore the young girl you just shot. There is a walking puppet in front of you! :D
Yes, Mr. Skelly is delicate. He is a skeleton after all! And a limited edition puppet it seems! What? We haven't seen another one yet.
Also, there is a new vote incentive!! Just a secondary character but don't you want to see him in full color? VOTE TO CHECK IT OUT THEN!
Another thing, in case you missed that lame post of mine on the previous page, I made a DA group for WDoD? You are free to join anytime! http://wanteddeadordead.deviantart.com/
Requests to join were closed but I think it's fixed now. If you want to join and you have some problems don't hestitate to send me a note.
Thanks for the support!!
@dragonestea: Oh, that's bull- *gets hit by a giant fireball*
@Mr Kaos: Yep. Well, maybe just a bit.
@KingZombie999: Sheep face lvl 70