MayelV on Sept. 16, 2012

Hopefully this will make up for the delay hehe.
I have a lot of work lately. Sorry.
Now, some of you were correct. The gun went all “morphosis” and turned into something nice. How did that happen? Worry not. Mr. Skelly will explain later.
Time to go Dante-limitless-bullets on his sheep butt!
Oh! Did you know that today is Mexico's independence day? If there are any mexicans around here, I hope you had a good time last night and you're not suffering from a hang over. I'm not that patriotic, but I thought it'd be nice to see some characters celebrating. So…
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Thank you so much for reading!

ALSO. Wanted Dead or Dead? won the DD award for best manga-style comic!! :D
Gais, seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Really took me by surprise.
We should celebrate with coke! :3
@KingZombie999: Hahaha nope. Oh! I'm sorry! I-I hope your brain is okay :(
@Mr Kaos : ;D
@dragonestea: Haha couldn't have said it better.
@tehwerr : Thank you! I always try my best on these colored pages.