MayelV on April 2, 2013

And it's a HOME RUN LADIES AND NOT-LADIES!! Er- uh, oh no. It's James diving for his good ol double barrel.
Oh-oh! Could this be bad news for Jun Fei? James, you liar.
Oh, please keep voting for WDoD? on TWC. It's a new month so the rankings reset. Meanwhile I'll be working on a new incentive for you.
Thanks for the support!!

@tehwerr: SHUUUUUU
@Mr Kaos: He did it! xD
@KingZombie999: “Run omg wtf bbq” face. Yep.
@RedCast15: Ohh, don't do that! I'll give the MIB a holler. They can erase your memories “in a flash”.
@Spikes: Oh, if he only had his “Jenny” encouraging him.