MayelV on April 18, 2013

How yall doin? I had a GREAT time at the Con. Met some new folk and made new friends. 
So, now that I'm back on business, we can concentrate on more important things: The piece of wood agains Jun Fei. Will it be a worthy opponent for Jun? I don't know James. I don't know how well thought this plan is.
Speaking of Jun Fei, part two of the 4koma is up! Vote on TWC to find out how Jun and Cliff met. Thanks in advance.
Oh, another thing. I'm making a poll. Please, vote on the link:
The results will decide which One Shot is next. Remember the one shot about Cliff's story? Now's your chance to know someone else's! 

@RedCast15: Crash? xD
@Ink_wolf : Darn right.
@Spikes: Hmm? What money? 
Oh man. James, told ya you had to work on that landing!
@dragonestea: YEAH!
@Mr Kaos: The whole town too xD