Foxy on June 5, 2007

EDIT: Renamed the page names, so they're numbers instead of really bad title names. So some comments may no longer make sense, including the one on one of those ‘childhood memories’… ‘n’ I'd mute myself for fun, but someone replied to what I said, and I don't feel like muting another person.

Ooookay! First chapter uploaded toooOday! The second to last paragraph explains the comic a bit, and thee last one you must read. READ IT. Rawr.

And I've partially overcome my drawing block, caused by (not very) EVIL POKEMON PEARL. It started a few days before my birthday, which were very long and boring. ‘Cause I had a drawing block… And I was angry at my computer… And I have cable, but I don’t like TV much, and nature shows only seem to be on in the day time. Grr. (Sleeping in until 11 or 3 doesn't help. Nor does not being able to sleep at 12-5 am.)

Oh? The comic? Tis not a story, really. Just a bunch of crappy noodles– … ………………… …I meant… Doodles. o.O
…Anyway… This ‘comic’ is just a bunch of doodles, that are NOT noodles, put together. Into chapters. The chapter titles kinda define what kind of doodle is in the chapter… But really, don't rely on them. They'll just backstab you, and leave you to bleed. To death. Yeah, fun. ^.^

Before you read (this actually sorta matters), acknowledge this:
1. Nearly all of these are doodles. I put no or little effort into them. Because they're doodles.
2. Pants, cake, and pie. RAWR.