Seabiscuit on June 26, 2015

Alright, so here's what happened

I was feeling better, but then during the night, around 3 am on Wednesday, I was woken up by severe pain. Holy shit it was bad, I could hardly walk at all. I was so very sure it was my appendix, had to be.

So I went to the ER that morning. Glad everyone pushed me to do it- the pain got so much worse that trying to sit up made me scream from the pain, holy hell it was maddening.

They hooked me up with a bed, some morphine and did a buncha tests. Turns out it wasnt my appendix; but rather I had a large ovarian cyst, that ruptured, causing a lot of pain.

They wanted to do surgery, but another doc came in and said it wasn't necessary yet. They had me stay the night and most of the next day, then sent me home with some pain killers.

Needless to say, no drawing was done and I gotta go back again next week.
I'm pretty much stuck in bed for the meantime, the pains better but trying to sit up and draw is a bit too much still ;-;
Sorry, folks! I have no eta or anything for when this pain will go away and let me work. If it even will, augh. I'm hoping I can do Mondays page, but…:c

For now I got my phone so I can keep up with stuff at least @,@

P.s ill remove this when updates return so I don't clog the archives :D