Willem 68

Jaymzeecat on Dec. 3, 2012

My friend Joey helped me write the majority of dialogue on this page! I
hope you guys like it! That's his character in the background of the
second to last panel. (More on her later) Moonshadow has been so helpful
so far…

As some of you may already know if you follow my blog
on DA, the computer I use to make my comics unexpectedly died last
night. This may be the last update for a while… I don't know how long
it will take to repair it or what the cost will be (heaven forbid I have
to replace it!). I could really use some help if you've got any
donations you can spare: Jaymzeecat@gmail.com on Paypal.

I really
hate asking for donations but I don't know what else to do. :/ If you
have suggestions, please message or comment me! I might be slow to
respond without my regular computer, but I will get back to you!
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