Oz Stars and the Greatest Threat of all Reality

Macattack on Jan. 24, 2012

Hey all, as promised on the new Wireless facebook page (YES! Wireless does now have a facebook page! You know you like this! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wireless/170362329744094 ) But as promised, here's AzuJOD's prize for winning the plot exposition challenge back in December! I hope I got the Sydney Bridge right… Every picture I could find was from the angle of the Opera house and the bridge looked blue so I went with it :P So who all is in there?
Well of course there's Azumorph: the shapeshifting wonder
There's Jacob Leiber turning into Syd: I don't know if I got this right but I pretty much based the transformation sequence off of Gizmo duck from ducktales where all the parts go flying around and fit in their proper parts
There's Valeria: because pretty much everything is asking for vampires these days :P
And finally for the first time in colour, there's Deep Man!: I'm not totally impressed with the colouring I did. I was aiming towards a crossover between an octopus and a squid wearing a bone mask. Also if you're wondering why his tentacles are all nutsy like that I was planning on having him spitting ink but couldn't seem to get the angle right.
Anyways These are all characters done by AzuJOD who I'm really hoping will some day get a comic going on them. They all have rather interesting backgrounds found here http://www.drunkduck.com/forum/topic/173641/?page=4 
But I'm sure you're asking now… Who are they fighting?? Well I'm pleased to announce that this villain is one of my own and probably one of the earliest sneak peaks you're ever going to get. He's probably not going to come for years to come as he's part of the most complicated story I've ever written but if you want an idea as to his size, Azumorph is blocking a heat vision thing of sorts on its lowest setting.
The concept is that he was a watcher much like Ichaerik however he did the one act forbidden of all watchers, he viewed the greatest secret in all of reality. The multiverses (yes that is plural on purpose) though the Multiverse has been discovered as of late the multiverses was vowed to be left a secret as wrapping your mind around the concept would drive one to insanity while the knowledge left would give you untold powers. This watcher was banished from existance but there have been signs of his return coming. Anyways hope that wets your appetite a bit.
Let's see here… final news before I log off?? Well… I'm officially 21 as of today! Happy birthday to me?? It feels weird actually. First year it's actually struck me I'm getting older O_o Other than that… LIKE THE FACEBOOK PAGE!!! And Enjoy!