#8 Ceara Reardon - Little Miss Sunshine

Dextra on March 25, 2010

I had some new ideas, and I'm going to be trying something a little different with the art. So, while I'm working out the fine details, I thought I would give a little more info about the characters.

Ceara Reardon grew up wealthy. Very wealthy. She eventually got bored with her life and started committing some acts of stupidity - drinking, shoplifing, and vandalism, to name a few. After getting caught a few times, she was ordered to do some community service for a homeless shelter and it changed her perspective. The decadent behavior of her family and friends started to disgust her. After that, she decided that she would change, and in order to do it right, she had to get out from under her parents' private jet wings.

Ceara's been living on her own for a couple of years now, but she still has some difficulty adjusting. Things like budgets and doing household chores sometimes mystify her.

Ceara has many acquaintances, but only a few real friends. She tends to be a bit emotionally distant as a self-defense mechanism. There are a few things in Ceara's past that caused this, but that's another story for another time.

She is in love with Nick, but won't admit it to anyone, even herself. As such, she tends to treat him as an annoyance. PDA's are a big no-no in her book. She once pushed Nick out of a rowboat at a park for trying to kiss her. There were people a couple hundred yards away, you see.

The only thing Ceara openly shows affection for is her ferret, Armando. Though, if you ask her, he's not really a ferret, but a mink. Or was it an ermine? I'm not really sure she knows.