acadia on Dec. 30, 2010

How is it that talking to other webcomic creators can always get me up off my ass to do a comic? Probably a weakness in character. A need to ‘fit in’ and ‘conform’ by ‘doing comics’ or some such nonsense.

So this time I AM going to apologize for being so lazy. Sorry guys. For those of you who stick around (Drillbot, I'm lookin at you), I thank you. It's stupid shit like people watching me livestream (watch the latest one – it only crashed once so it's pretty comprehensive) that makes my day. I always say I'll do better next time, but it's always a lie. I'll say it again this time: I'll do better from now on, guys. Really. (Not really.) It's just that sometimes I have different priorities, such as getting sleep. Working a steady job has been surprisingly time consuming. WHO KNEW? (Not me.)

ANYWAY, here's a real live comic. Enjoy.