wings of rask, page 195

kalliikak on Aug. 7, 2011

another page… i have no idea when it'll actually load… the ‘date live’ option seems a little buggy… probably my browser.  slashshrug. 

i highly doubt i can get back into a ‘three page’ a week schedule.  i'd rather spend the time to really work on each drawing anyway.

i could just attempt to explain the concept of -what- misa'min is (the panther/lady)… it's one of those ideas that's extremely simple, and yet eludes simple description, heh.  i'm not sure we'll see much of these two characters anyway.

mina_lunga - i agree. i redrew that first panel a dozen times or so. it got a little messy. i had a bunch of panels i did years ago, and i kinda mixed some of them in with new stuff. the first couple on this page are old panels, and they are on the rough watercolor paper to make matters worse.  though to be honest, certain panels i just enjoy drawing more then others, and i think that's what shows more then anything.

alejkhan - animal companions are always cool… i think i like bears or wolfs better myself. though misa'min is a little more then just a ‘cat’. hehe

thanks for reading.